Under the support and help of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing Health Alliance Charitable Foundation was formally founded on 13th June 2010.Since the establishment of our foundation, at the same time of improving our internal governance system, we take an active part in carrying out public welfare activities, and undertake social responsibilities. Our social significance and social influence are gradually improving.
We were awarded Grade 4A social organization in 2015.
We were identified as charitable organization on 27th September 2016, the same month when ”Charity Law of People’s Republic of China” was promulgated.

Our mission is to carry forward the fine tradition of mutual assistance by the Chinese nation, help the Vulnerable Groups,  and promote public welfare causes.
Our scope of Service is to help the Vulnerable Groups, carry out social assistance, support public health welfare activities, and support public welfare programs
We aim to help the Vulnerable Groups, to promote various disease resistance knowledge,  to subsidize the impoverished patients for medical treatment,  and to fund research conductive to public health care etc.
Since our establishment, Beijing Health Alliance Charitable Foundation’s  charity assistance has reached 21 provinces and more than 300 districts throughout China.

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Program Types and Content
Beijing Health Alliance Charitable Foundation has strict regulations towards the management of our funding and properties.Our public welfare programs run smoothly and our information is transparent. In 2015, as the first charitable foundation in China that has been awarded this standard, we were awarded ISO9001 Quality management system certification. BJHACF will always think of helping the Vulnerable Groups, never forget public conscience, and focus on the beneficiaries. We will explore new models of public welfare to benefit more and more people.

● Medical humanities

Arts in Hospital, delivering love with music and arts

● Major and rare diseases assistance programs

Severe osteoporosis assistance program
Lung cancer assistance program
Diabetes assistance program
Prostate cancer
Rheumatoid arthritis and Ankylosing spondylitis assistance program
Hemophilia assistance program


Partners & Donors

Charitable organization


Charitable enterprise

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