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Areas program implemented: Beijing
Areas program negotiated to be implemented: Guangdong
Number of hospitals program implemented: Four
(Peking University Cancer Hospital,
Peking University Shougang Hospital,
Beijing Jishuitan Hospital headquarter,
and Beijing Jishuitan Hospital Huilongguan branch)
Number of volunteers: more than 150 people, among which 30 cancer patients and 120 social volunteers.

Program Coverage Hospital
①  Peking University Cancer Hospital
On 25th December 2015, Peking University Cancer Hospital was the first hospital that Arts in Hospital settled in.
Peking University Cancer Hospital (three other titles — Beijing Cancer Hospital, Beijing Institute for Cancer Research, and Peking University School of Oncology — refer to the same entity) ranks among the China's top academic cancer centers. Its physicians provide the highest quality of health care throughout the hospital and its faculty members responsible for translational research are respected for their dedication to teaching and training.
At Peking University Cancer Hospital, research into the basic oncologic process and clinical investigation on specific cancer diseases go hand in hand. Investigations into cancer epidemiology, etiology, genetics, oncogenesis, pathogenesis and experimental therapeutics and many other fields keep Peking University Cancer Hospital at the forefront of biomedical research, driving the discoveries that lead to new ways to prevent and treat cancer.
②  Peking University Shougang Hospital
In July 2016, Arts in Hospital was initiated in Peking University Shougang Hospital.
Peking University Shougang Hospital is a general tertiary hospital assembling together medical service, medical teaching, scientific research, disease precention and health care as a whole. It was first founded in October in 1949. The hospital is clinically teaching hospital affiliated to Peking University, designated as municipal basic medical insurance hospital and authorized hospital offering medical service during the 2008 Olympic Games. It was awarded one after the other“Satisfying the Grass Root Demonstration Hospital”,“the Capital Civillized Unite”,“the Civillized Unite in the Capital Public Health System”,“Trustworthy Unit in Both Prices and Measurement”.
③  Beijing Jishuitan Hospital headquarter
In August 2016, Arts in Hospital was initiated in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital headquarter.
Beijing Jishuitan Hospital is a comprehensive Grade Ⅲ-A General Hospital founded in 1956, with about 1,000 beds, focused on Orthopaedics and burning knowledge. The hospital becomes the fourth clinical college affiliated to Beijing University due to its extraordinary medical features and the capacity in medical treatment, teaching and research. It has an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other 200 professional physicians.
Beijing Jishuitan Hospital has prominent key subjects, with comprehensive departments and numerous medical talents. The medical skills on orthopaedics and burning knowledge have already reached the advanced national and international level. The hospital has the key municipal lab—Beijing Research Center of Bone Diseases and Osteoarthrosis as well as the Beijing Research Office for orthopaedic trauma, Beijing Research Office for Hand Surgery, Beijing Research Office for Burn Injury, Beijing Registration and Evaluation Center for Artificial Joints and the Training Center for Shoulder are also settled in the hospital. The first National Training Center for Orthopaedics was set up in Jishuitan Hospital on 27th, April, 2001. In July, 2006, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital was awarded the “Hospital for National Sportsman” by the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC).
④  Beijing Jishuitan Hospital Huilongguan branch
In 2016 2016, Arts in Hospital was initiated in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital Huilongguan branch.
January 28, 2013, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital Huilongguan Branch was officially founded. It has Departments of internal medicine, general surgery, cardiac surgery, urinary surgery, obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, ENT, rehabilitation, infection diseases, endoscopy center, traditional Chinese medicine, ICU, CCU, RICU, EICU, Radiology, laboratory, Blood Bank, and digital operating room etc.
Department of Radiology has the most advanced nuclear magnetic, CT, angiography, breast machine, etc. There are 16 operation rooms, 6 of which are digital operation rooms, and can be connected with the Xinjiekou Branch with the real time video interaction. Every consulting room is independent space for a doctor and a patient "one to one". The paths for Patients medical staffs are separated. The design of the hospital is both scientific and humanistic.
Donation accumulated so far: RMB.19527.87 yuan
Volunteers Highlight
Lihua Chen<br />
Breast cancer patient, 68<br />
have cancer for 18 years
Lihua Chen
Breast cancer patient, 68
have cancer for 18 years
My family have cancer gene, 5 cancer patient altogether. My parents, an older sister and a younger sister died of cancer.
When I was diagnosed of cancer, I felt extremely upset and was overwhelmed by it. I shut myself up and stayed at home lonely. One day I went to a park and discovered many cancer patients got together singing and dancing. I was also invited to join them. Someone comforted me and said: your condition is not that bad. I was encouraged by them and felt much better. From then on I joined them singing and dancing.
I had a friend, who committed suicide because of cancer. I was totally shocked and somehow enlightened. I initiated this public welfare program with Mr Lubing Wang, in the hope that more people can overcome the illness, that more people can see despite of cancer we can still be optimistic. We either do it well, or do nothing at all. We performed at the People’s Congress Hall, in hospitals. It is a miracle that as cancer patients we can still deliver a complete and wonderful performance. Many audience were moved to tears. We believe positive energy can be passed on. We hope to walk out of Beijing, walk around whole China and tell everyone our story: Cancer does not equal to death. We are together happily and will live longer.
Mr Cao<br />
Volunteer photographer<br />
relative of cancer patient
Mr Cao
Volunteer photographer
relative of cancer patient
Over these years I felt the spirits of cancer patients are very good, which is a encouragement for me. They got together not only to make themselves healthier, but also to deliver positive energy to the whole society that cancer is not to be afraid of .
Encouraged by their spirits, I decided to do something for them and started taking photos and shooting videos for them. In terms of memory, I have already had 800GB raw materials covering every seconds of their rehearsal and performance.
Although physically exhausted, because I need to hold the camera all the time during rehearsals, mentally I felt great joy and well worth my effort.
Mr Ying<br />
Volunteer pianist
Mr Ying
Volunteer pianist
One afternoon, when I was about to finish my performance a beautiful young lady came over to me and asked to take a photo of me playing piano. I played Schubert’s Serenade. She also asked a few questions regarding why I came to Peking University Cancer Hospital to be a volunteer and in the movie Titanic why even when the steamer started to fall down, the band still focused on playing String Quartet for passengers. I answered: They are great musicians. They wished to dedicate the hope of survival to the passengers in face of disaster.
The patient told me she felt the same way as the passengers of Titanic when she heard me performing. I was a little bit surprised, as well as a trace of grief. I told her: Hope you enjoyed my music and go home with a good spirit. She answered: I definitely will!. I sincerely hope this young lady and all patients can be healthy and happy.
A patient who showed her gratitude with music
A patient who showed her gratitude with music
As always, the waiting area of Peking University Cancer Hospital was overcrowded. A staff passed Arts in Hospital and saw a lady talking to the volunteer. She is of medium build, around 60 years of age, short hair. She turned out to be a patient with cancer for more than 10 years. Every time she came back for a check she would visit her doctor and nurses who helped her. She was excited to find out a piano was in the hospital and wanted to play a tune to show her gratitude to the medical personnel.
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